Master’s degree

Dear students!

If you want to pursue your studying after getting a Bachelor’s degree within the Programme Subject Area “035 Philology”, you may apply to the Department of Theory, Practice and Translation of English, Faculty of Linguistics, National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’ for a Master’s degree programme.

You may obtain the Master’s degree in the Educational Programme “Germanic languages and literatures (translation included), English as a first foreign language” within the Subject Area “035 Philology”

The form of education: full-time study, part-time study.

The studying objectives: native and foreign languages in their theoretical, synchronic, diachronic and socio-cultural aspects; different types of texts; written and oral types of communication; providing information in different areas, such as national economy, science, technology, education and culture by means of translating various texts into foreign and state languages; informational-analytical, editorial and organizational activities in different areas, intercultural communication and teaching activities.

Our graduates are specialists in translation of scientific-and-technical documentation, interpreters and referents in embassies and representatives of foreign countries, diplomatic representatives of the Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine, foreign law companies, charitable foundations, various institutions of Ukraine and worldwide, travel and translation agencies. Besides, our graduates work as coordinators in international cultural-and-educational centers, editors in representatives of foreign mass-media, teachers in higher education institutions of Ukraine, specialized schools and gymnasiums, etc.

The duration of studying is 1 year and 4 months or 1 year and 9 months, depending on the studying program (educational and professional program or educational scientific program). The first studying program is a training Master’s students of certain area of study for further professional work, while the second one is intended for further scientific activity of Master graduates.

If you are going to apply to Master’s degree program, you will need to pass a single entrance examination in foreign language in the form of SEE (ZNO). For taking SEE, you will need to sign in from 11 May till 03 June (6 pm) and on the 30 of June you are to take an exam in the English, German, Spanish or French languages. An entrance examination in foreign languages is needed to be taken by all the applicants of Master’s degree program in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute without any exceptions. The single entrance examination is of the same programme as it is for applicants taking the examination after secondary education, except for the parts “Writing” and “Listening”. The Master’s program applicants will take “Reading” and “Use of English” parts only. This year the results of SEE completed in 2020 and 2021 will be accepted.

Have you decided to change your field of study after getting Bachelor’s degree? You do not have to take an additional entrance exam. But you certainly will need to take an entrance exam in your majoring field.

All application documents for Master’s degree programme must be applied by e-mail. You may apply 5 applications on a budgetary basis, while on contractual basis you may apply up to 30 applications. In order to apply documents, you will need to sign in user account starting from 1 July. You may submit applications from 15 July till 23 July including. The entrance exams must be completed from 24 July till 30 July according to the timetable of the qualifying board. The working hours of qualifying board and entrance exams’ schedule may be found on the website of the chosen faculty or institute.

If you have chosen one of the two options for yourself – follow the link and look through document application procedure.

The following documents are required:

  • Passport or any other document for confirming your citizenship (the original and copies)
  • Bachelor’s diploma (the original and copies)
  • Diploma supplement (the original and copies)
  • Achievements, if available (scientific articles in a chosen programme subject area)
  • Military documents (for male students; the original and copies)
  • Identification number (the original and copies)
  • 4 photos.

The qualification board of the faculty and institutes must verify copies only if the original is available. You need to provide copies of your documents to the qualifying board.

Regulations about tuition admission for Master’s degree programme and individual Bachelor’s programme are based on the received educational degree (educational-qualified degree) in 2021.

Arrangement and procedure for the entrance exams are held by using organizational-technological processes in the form of SEE for applying into the Master’s degree program.

Registration procedure for SEE for Igor Sikorsky KPI graduates, who are willing to apply to Master’s degree programme

Registration procedure for SEE for Master’s applicants, who have finished their studying previous years or who are applying after finishing a different higher education institutions this year

You may consult on the Master’s degree programme application 24.07.21. at 10:00 using the link below:


Accept code: 25052020

You may consult by telephone 0503535234

You should bear in mind that achievements are handed during the entrance exam!

Voloshchuk Iryna, an executive in charge of Master’s degree programme application at the Chair of theory, practics and translation of the English language