Second Higher Education

Retraining (second higher education) is a way to obtain additional speciality on the basis of educational and qualification level and practical experience previously acquired by the students.

Studying here means to master a new profession, to enrich the wealth of knowledge, to expand opportunities in planning your career and future.

The retraining program is provided by the Educational-and-methodical complex “Institute for Postgraduate Education”.

It is a specialized educational complex at Igor Sikorsky KPI whose main task is to manage the system of postgraduate education at the largest technical university of Ukraine.

Students acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in English and German, history of translation, translation practice, challenges posed by translation of scientific and technical texts within the programme subject area. After successful completion of study, graduates are awarded with a bachelor’s degree in philology (translation).

Graduates obtain possibility to work as assistant-translators, secretary-translators in management companies, industrial and commercial enterprises and companies, information and advertising agencies, as well as editors of translation of socio-political, scientific, technical and fiction texts, teachers of foreign languages at secondary schools and higher education institutions.

List of basic professional disciplines:

  • History of Foreign Literature
  • Fundamentals of Translation Theory
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Latin
  • Communication theory
  • Practical Course in English
  • Contrastive Grammar of English and Ukrainian
  • Comparative Stylistics of English and Ukrainian
  • Comparative Lexicology of English and Ukrainian
  • Culture-through-Language Studies
  • History of English
  • Problems of Translation of Scientific and Technical Texts
  • Fundamentals of Translation Editing
  • History of Translation
  • Practical Course in Translation from English
  • Practical Course in German
  • Practical Course in Translation from German

Our address:

03056, Kyiv, 37 Peremohy ave., Building 7, room 604

Tel: 204-92-69

e-mail: zaoch_fl@ukr.net