Bondarenko Tetiana

Bondarenko Tetiana

Bondarenko Tetiana Borysivna,  the senior lecturer of the English Language Theory, Practice and Translation Chair, graduated from Lviv State University named after Ivan Franko, faculty of Romance-German philology with qualification: philologist, a teacher of the English language.

            Places of employment and position:

A translator of scientific and technical literature at Lviv Branch of Mathimatical Physics of IM, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, a lecturer and senior lecturer at Lviv State Polytechnic Institute, a senior lecturer at NTUU “KPI”. The member of UERA (Ukrainian Education Research Association).

            Qualification up-dating:

Leading Universities of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Coventry University (Great Britain), Lviv State University, courses for English Language teachers according to the International Program “TEMPUS/TACIS” (No. N-JEP-10090-95) , Computer courses for teachers at NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute”(2010, 2017), in-service training at Education Problems Institute of NAPS of Ukraine.

Scientific interests:

Methodology of the English language teaching, thus participation in seminars conducted by experts from Great Britain and the USA, Ukrainian and International conferences on topical issues of methodology in foreign languages teaching. The member of UERA (Ukrainian Education Research Association).


More than 70, including the textbook “Getting on in English”, recommended by Ministry of Education of Ukraine as a practical course of English for students, terminological glossaries in technological manuals, articles and conference theses.

Duties performed:

In 2003-05 headed the department of second education, for three years has been working as a member of methodology commission preparing documents for accreditation and licencing the faculty to get MA educational level, and in 2019-21. At present teaches “The Practical Course of the English Language” for students of 1-4 years of study and the optional course of Military Translation for the 4-th year students, supervises students’ course and Bachelor course papers, and students’ participation in scientific conferences.