Maltseva Iraida

Maltseva Iraida

Maltseva Iraida Vasylivna graduated from Minsk State Teachers’ Training Institute of Foreign Languages.

Advanced training and internships to get acquainted with and study the latest methods of teaching foreign languages ​​in universities:

•  Language Center of the University of Bristol, UK;

•  Ukrainian Center for Research and Teaching Foreign Languages ​​of NASU. Participated in the TEMPUS-TACIS project.

 “English for Business and Economics” is co-authored and edited by Dominic O’Dyer and Patrick Hubbak.

Provides guidance on the scientific work of students participating in scientific conferences. Takes part in international, all-Ukrainian and interuniversity scientific-methodical / scientific-practical conferences. The author of articles on methods of training students to organize the educational process during the program development of the English language course. Teaches the course “English (basic, practical course)”.