Voloshchuk Irina

Voloshchuk Irina

Associate Professor, Lecturer



01.09.1992 – till  the present time National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute”: Associate Professor of the Department “Theory, Practice and Translation of English language

Professional Role:

• Lecturer on «The basics of Scientific and Technical Translation», «The factors of successful carrier»;

• Practical courses for Master degree students «Public Speaking», «Linguistics communication (English language)»;

• Scientific adviser of Master dissertations.


• 1992-1997: Kiev State Linguistics University, The Department of English language and foreign literature, gained the specialty “Teacher of English language and foreign literature”;

• Post -graduate studies 2005-2009: Accomplished post-graduate studies at the National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine;

• 2013: Defended the dissertation thesis on specialty 13.00.07  Theory and methodology of  Education at the institute «The problems of Education» NAPS of Ukraine  at the laboratory of  professional orientation on the topic «Shaping of the  Work-related Values Orientations of Senior Pupils in the Technical Lyceum» and obtained PhD.

Research interest:

Research interest are centered around polycode texts in the communication process, argumentation theory, language and cultural localization of software.

Competence performance:

Translation on utility patents, management, marketing, technical documents etc, Career advisor The author of methodology for Senior Pupils «Work-related Values Orientations – career choice». The author more than 50 scientific articles and 2 course books.  Collective Monograrhy: Modern education, training and upbringing: collective monograph / Іnternational Science Group. – Boston : Primedia eLaunch, 2021. ISBN – 978-1-63732-137-9 DOI- 10.46299/ISG.2021.MO.

Academic Keynote Speeches:

• Voloshchuk Iryna, Usyk Galyna Argumentation in Political Discourse: Semantic, Composition and Stylistic Register, – Humanities and Social Sciences Review , Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachussets, USA ISSN: 2165-6258, 2018;

• Galyna Usyk, Iryna Voloshchuk The Ethnolinguistic Aspect of the Ukrainian Tales Narration, – International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought (IJMT) Mc Gill University, Monreal,Canada;

• Multimodelity and Digital Narrative in Teaching a Foreign Language Arab World English Journal 12,  (6) 2021 ISSN 2229-9327 Fedorenko.S, Voloshchuk, I, Glinka, Web of Science;

• The symbolic realm of Den Brown’s style
Part of SWS International Scientific Florence, Italy Conferences on Art and Humanities – ISCAH Web of Science;

• Pedagogical Strategies in Education as prerequisites for dignified successful individuality,- International conference for academic disciplines, London University,GB.